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I understand how much courage it can take to find help, to reach out and share your troubles and challenges. For many, the decision to begin therapy is the first step towards healing and can mark a strong moment in life where you decide the time has come to care for yourself and to feel better.

What to expect from our sessions

I will hold confidential space for you to talk and reflect, providing a calm, rooted environment to explore the challenges of your life. When needed, I will give solution-focused guidance; when inspired, I will encourage you to discover and question patterns that may no longer be serving you.

The sessions that I offer are grounded in compassionate simplicity and draw on a variety of therapeutic techniques to suit your needs and the mood of each meeting. Through mindful listening and guidance, my goal is to help you access fresh perspective and to allow new potential to emerge. Bringing past events and stories into the Now, we will explore them in the light of present awareness, where old fears and ideas have less power.

It is my firm belief that, whatever your background or life story, however busy your mind; inner peace is closer than you think; in fact, it is the very essence of who you are!

About me

For many years my own personal development has revolved around time spent in nature and under the guidance of experienced meditation teachers, with countless moments of growth and transformation happening on walks, around the fire or in the silence of inner reflection.

Prior to qualifying as an NCS accredited counsellor, I worked as Creative Writing Therapist, offering group workshops on ‘Writing for Mindfulness.’ In this work I learned the importance of physical movement during the healing journey, and would often hear from clients how powerful a simple walk in the woods had been for them, creating open, non-judgemental space for reflection.

In my work now as a counselling practitioner, I take much inspiration from nature, aiming to hold a rooted, nurturing environment for new insights and growth.

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"How amazing; I collect wood, I carry water"

Zen saying



Totnes, South Devon, UK


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