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I understand how much courage it can take to find help, to reach out and share your troubles and challenges. For many, the decision to begin therapy is the first step towards healing and can mark a strong moment in life where you decide the time has come to care for yourself and to feel better.

Hi and welcome to my page. My name is Matthew Spence and I'm an NCS accredited counsellor working in Totnes and Exeter. I specialize in working with young men and have an approach that is compassionate, peaceful and straightforward. I will listen to you without judgement, allowing you space to explore what's holding you back. When inspired I may offer gentle guidence, drawing from my own experience and from the work of experienced teachers with whom I've studied.

As a 32 year old man, I am able to access a fairly unique perspective, when compared to other therapists working locally. On top of this, my own personal mental health journey has lead me to look deeply into the lived experience of young males. As men, it's often difficult for us to open up and trust someone enough to tell them about our troubles and even talking to a family member or partner can be very difficult for some. As a counsellor, I don't pretend to be a world expert with decades of experience or a PhD in psychology, but what I can do is hold a positive, supportive and mindful space for you to explore your challenges.

If you are interested in working with me, get in touch on the email form below. Following this I can offer you a half hour telephone consultation, for free. If we decide to work together after this, then we can set a date for your first session and go from there. Whether you only want a single session, or wish to see me on a regular basis, we can work it out. (See Birchwellcounselling on Instagram for pictures, updates and more about my approach and interests).

I hold counselling sessions both indoors (in a lovely, comfortable therapy room) or outdoors, by way of one-hour nature walks in North Woods, Dartington.

Well done for getting this far! I look forward to working with you.


About me

For many years my own personal development has revolved around time spent in nature and under the guidance of experienced meditation teachers, with countless moments of growth and transformation happening on walks, around the fire or in the silence of inner reflection.

Prior to qualifying as an NCS accredited counsellor, I worked as Creative Writing Therapist, offering group workshops on ‘Writing for Mindfulness.’ In this work I learned the importance of physical movement during the healing journey, and would often hear from clients how powerful a simple walk in the woods had been for them, creating open, non-judgemental space for reflection.

In my work now as a counselling practitioner, I take much inspiration from nature, aiming to hold a rooted, nurturing environment for new insights and growth.

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